What a busy month! June 2017!

Read about the highlights from our Kindermusik lessons for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and big kids in June 2017!


We are on a world trip!Big Kids Going on a World Trip

Yes, our Big Kids were preparing for their exciting world trip as Miss Kathleen showed them where they would be visiting in the coming weeks to learn about the music, instruments and culture of each place.


IMG_5555These Big Kids were also having their first practise with their recorder, learning how to tongue, which is an important skill to have for playing wind instruments.



Toddlers Developing Independence through Moving to Music!Toddlers moving to music

Toddlers are working hard at becoming independent beings but still very much need the assurance of unconditional love, support, and presence of their parents to provide them with security during these emotionally turbulent months of development.

The Kindermusik music & movement activities provide just the right environment for this – toddlers move & dance to music in their own creative ways, when mum & dad is close by to give that cuddle when needed!


Clever FeetClever Feet!

Look at our preschoolers’ running and shuffling feet!

Movement is a universal, full-time, personal, childhood occupation, and its importance in children’s early learning experiences cannot be overemphasized!  For young children, movement is body awareness.  Children are learning what their bodies can do.

Moving our feet in a variety of ways with intentionally selected music is fun for our kids, but is also secretly beneficial to their physical development.


Fascinated!reading Melody

Our Saturday Big Kids have just completed Semester 1 of the 4 semester long Kindermusik Young Child program.

Look at them concentrating so well as Miss Kathleen revised short melody reading with them and showed them how to play it on the glockenspiel.  In fact, these kids can already perform a few songs on their glockenspiels after only learning to play it for 2 weeks!

We encourage light-hearted playful practice at home, which is a great foundation for further musical study.


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