Simply Music Piano


Imagine winding down after work with a few ballads on the piano.  Imagine your child ripping through a bunch of blues songs for his friends.  Imagine leading sing-alongs with your family.  Imagine escaping into an improvisation, or exploring creating your own compositions.

To be human is to be musical.  In today’s world, more than ever people feel a need to connect with what makes us human.  We all deserve to have the expressive outlet of music. Why do so few of us play?

Music lessons don’t always deliver successful results; don’t always turn out happily self-expressed musicians.  It’s about time we found a way to reintroduce ourselves to the magic of music.

Simply Music Piano is a remarkable, Australian-developed piano and keyboard program that offers a breakthrough in music education.  This unique method has children, teens, adults and seniors playing great sounding blues, classical, contemporary and accompaniment piano pieces – from their very first lessons.

In the same way that we all learn to talk before we learn to read, Simply Music Piano temporarily delays music reading and introduces a revolutionary, ‘playing-based’ methodology.  This remarkably natural approach to learning music introduces students to an array of unique concepts that unfold directly onto the keyboard.

Having piano lessons with a Simply Music Piano teacher means experiencing the pleasure that comes from immediately playing a vast repertoire of great-sounding music.

Fundamental Goal:

The Simply Music Method is designed to maximize the likelihood of students acquiring and retaining music as a lifelong companion.

Specific Goals:

We aim for each student to:

  • Master a huge repertoire that includes classical, contemporary, blues, jazz, accompaniments, etc.
  • Experience playing as a natural self-expression.
  • Learn to “self-generate,” i.e., to progress independently as a musician.  This includes developing a strong foundation in music reading and theory.
  • Enjoy music as a highly positive, self-affirming pursuit.

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