Big Kids Music Class starting 2nd May

Look! Student materials for the Bid Kid’s Music program is all ready for our 2nd May start! Bring your friends along.  Only 3 spots left! Enrol now. Fun, Musical Activities that Give Your Big Kid an Advantage in School and in Music Lessons – for Ages 4.5 – 6 Prepare your big kid for that next big step… musically, academically,…read more →

Misconceptions about Music

Do you think music is beyond you?  that you are not musical?   Then read on – here are some common misconceptions about music:       1. Making music is just for musicians.   Do you sing in the shower? Do you tap your fingers when you listen to songs?  Can you hit a box?  Can you tap together…read more →

Simply Music Piano Program – Information Sessions

Here are the scheduled information sessions on our Simply Music Piano Program for March 2016.  The session goes for approximately an hour and we will introduce you to the Simply Music Piano Program. All sessions are held at our Denistone East studio.  Booking essential. Sessions date & times: Saturday 5th March 2016   11.00am Sunday 6th March 2016   2.00pm Saturday…read more →

Percussion Fun

We played with percussion instruments a lot in class.  If you like the videos below and like to play more, join us for some great musical adventure in our Kindermusik program.   Here is a great series of videos produced by Sydney Opera House, introducing different instruments in the percussion family.  Fun to watch and you can even try some…read more →

Make Your Own Snow Globe

Make your own snow globe this season to cool you down. Here are the 5 simple steps => What you’ll need: Jar with lid Silver or white glitter Mineral oil or baby oil or white corn syrup Plastic figurines or decorations Glue What you’ll do: Glue your decorations to the inside of the lid Sprinkle white or silver glitter inside…read more →

Why Music Lessons?

What is the ONE activity that can improve our cognitive function, help our memory system to work, help us to learn language, help us to moderate our emotional state, help us to solve complex problems, and to help our brains to be healthier into later life? What is the ONE activity that is beneficial to undertake at any age, but…read more →

2015 Music Lessons Now Enrols

2015 Music Lesson Enrolment Now Opens! Give the gift of music this festive season. Kindermusik is the world’s leading music & movement program for babies, toddlers & preschoolers.  Enrolment for 2015 is now open. Research has proven that Kindermusik students made greater gains in language and literacy skills than students who did not take Kindermusik lessons. Kindermusik classes are held…read more →

Listening builds Empathy

Listening helps parents and children avoid the power struggle cycle. Instead of arguing or disagreeing, listen. Show your understanding while maintaining your position. Listening builds stronger relationships,  shows respect, and helps the child explore his/her own feelings and thoughts on a deeper level. It builds their sense of empathy.  Listening to your children will help them grow up to be adults with increased self-esteem…read more →

The Power of Talking (and Singing) to your Baby!

Of all the pillars of child-rearing– instilling good behavior, table manners, diligence and potty training– the most critical aspect of parenting is something so obvious it’s practically shouting at us. The answer is simply that good parents talk to their babies.   Hart & Risley Study – Parents Talking to their Children A 1995 study by Betty Hart and Todd…read more →