My Musical Adventurer of the Month – September 2016

My Musical Adventurer
of the Month
~ September 2016 ~

Isaac Man

Isaac received the award because he persistently works on getting his fingers to play a chord properly when this is in fact a very challenging task for young children his age – Isaac is one of our youngest piano students at 5 years old.  And he came into class the other week playing chords beautifully with no aids, and playing with a nice waltz rhythm!

Let’s Meet Isaac…


MMA: What do you enjoy about playing the piano?

Isaac: Because I love piano. I am good at it! 


MMA: What is your favourite story from our program?

Isaac: Pollen dance.


MMA: What do you like about your teacher?

Isaac: Ms Kathleen always teaches me patiently.



MMA: What do you like about music?

Isaac: Because they have different sounds and fun.


MMA: Is there a song that you wish you could play?  Which song is it?

Isaac: Pollen dance.


MMA: Parents, what changes have you noticed in Aland since he started lessons with My Musical Adventure?

Isaac’s parents: He was struggling with his fingers a lot and didn’t enjoy as such. He  wanted to play a song and frustrated at himself that he didn’t do well. Isaac enjoy playing piano a lot now and always try to show everyone that he can do it ????


Isaac is finishing up part 1 of the  Play-a-Story program , our piano curriculum for the very young beginners, and will be venturing out with the amazing Simply Music Piano program shortly.

If you have any questions to ask Isaac, please write it below and we’ll find out from Isaac for you.

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