My Musical Adventurer of the Month – November 2016 – plus other award recipients

My Musical Adventurer of the Month

~ November 2016 ~

Linus Wang

Linus received the award because he consistently practices through the weeks over the last 2 terms, and has worked carefully to improve his playing, especially with “Ode to Joy”.

Let’s Meet Linus…img_9849

MMA: What do you enjoy about playing the piano?

Linus: I have a lots of fun of playing the piano.

MMA: What is your favourite story from our program?

Linus: My favourite song is Fur Elise.

MMA: What do you like about your teacher?

Linus: Kathleen taught me a lot of songs. She is patient.

MMA: What do you like about music?

Linus: I enjoy various notes,  high notes and low ones. Music has different meanings. When I play music, I feel special and proud that I could play different songs.

MMA: Is there a song that you wish you can play?  Which song is it?

Linus: I wish that I could play “light blues”.

MMA: Parents, what changes have you noticed in Aland since he started lessons with My Musical Adventure?

Linus’s mum: The very reason for me to choose My Musical Adventure is that it helps Linus build continuous interest in playing piano. It is grateful to see that Linus is enthusiastic in learning music and is eager to learn different songs.


If you have any questions to ask Linus, please write it below and we’ll find out from Linus for you. Read about our previous My Musical Adventurers:

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August 2016 – Aland

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Other Award recipients:

A Ton of Practise - Ryan Liang, Morris, Kawin, Amelie – (consistent practice throughout the week), Mason

Great Lesson - Charlotte

Compilations - George (Mundey Blues); Shanna (variations to Chester); Gigi (great variation to melody of Greensleeves)

Positive attitude - Mason (listen carefully in lesson); Ryan Liang (learnt lyrics of all songs & sings along with confidence)



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