My Musical Adventurer of the Month – May 2016

My Musical Adventurer of the Month ~ May 2016

Amelie Ng

Amelie is awarded My Musical Adventurer of the Month because she consistently practices since she started the program in February (she proudly showed her teacher her weekly playlist) and made good progress.  With Amelie’s “have a go” attitude she overcame her nerves and performed beautifully at the My Musical Adventure Music Party.  Her “have a go” attitude should be praised!  Well done.

Let’s meet Amelie……


2016 05 Amelie Ng- photo

MMA: What do you enjoy about playing the piano?

Amelie: I like learning new songs on the piano.


MMA: How did you feel before the Music Party and after the Music Party?

Amelie: Before the Music Party I felt shy because of the audience.

After the Music Party I felt happy because I played the songs.


MMA: What is your favourite song from our program?

Amelie: My favourite song is Amazing Grace.


MMA: What do you like about your teacher?

Amelie: I like how Karen is patient when she teaches me new songs.


MMA: What do you like about music?

Amelie: I like music because it’s relaxing and it sounds beautiful.


MMA: Is there a song that you wish you can play?  Which song is it?

Amelie: The song I would like to play is Fireworks by Katy Perry.


MMA: Parents, what changes have you noticed in your child since they started lessons with My Musical Adventure?

Amelie’s parents: We have noticed that Amelie has developed a better appreciation for piano and a good attitude towards improving her music by practicing regularly.


Amelie is now exploring her musical adventure with the amazing Simply Music Piano program.

If you have any questions to ask Amelie, please write it below and we’ll find out from Amelie for you.


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