My Musical Adventurer of the Month – March 2016

My Musical Adventurer of the Month ~ March 2016

Gigi O’Hara


Gigi is awarded My Musical Adventurer of the Month because she consistently explores the piano and expresses herself through music.  Gigi comes to most lessons with a composition of her own, or a variation of a song that she has learnt.

Let’s meet Gigi …

2016 03 Gigi

MMA: What do you enjoy about creating music / making up your own songs?

Gigi: I get to enjoy what I create and no one telling me what I have to do.


MMA: What is your latest composition?

Gigi: A new version of Fur Elise.


MMA: What is your favourite song from our program?

Gigi: That is hard to answer. Light Blue, Star Spangled Banner and Danny Boy.


MMA: What do you like about your teacher?

Gigi: She is fun.


MMA: What do you like about music?

Gigi: You can go on a journey that never ends.


MMA: Is there a song that you wish you can play? Which song is it?

Gigi: I’d really like to be able to play All About The Bass, by Meagan Trainor.


MMA: Parents, what changes have you noticed in Gigi since she started lessons with My Musical Adventure?

Gigi’s mum: Her increased confidence in her abilities. The fact she has an outlet to express herself. To have time out to enjoy alone time, that gives her much joy.



Gigi is now exploring her musical adventure with the amazing Simply Music Piano program.


If you have any questions to ask Gigi, please write it below and we’ll find out from Gigi for you.


  1. Bronwyn O'Hara says:

    Thank you for highlighting a student every month. That is great to see these young students finding enjoyment in music performance and creation.

    I have a question for Gigi O’Hara.

    Gigi, I know you enjoy singing. In comparing the music of singing and the music of playing the piano, do you find that one or the other makes you feel more involved in the music ? Does singing make you happier or does playing the music make you happier ?

    Thank you,
    Bronwyn O’Hara

    • My Musical Adventure says:

      Thank you Bronwyn!

      Great questions! I have passed on the questions to Gigi and will let you know her reply soon!

      Yours musically,
      My Musical Adventure

    • Hi,

      To answer your questions. I don’t feel that one makes me feel more involved over the other.
      I do feel that I like singing better, as it makes me feel good inside.
      I do think that the piano helps me to express myself outwardly.
      Thank you for your questions.

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