What do people say about My Musical Adventure


“When My daughter Danielle was one and half years old, we went to Kathleen’s music classes. Until now it’s been three years. It is great to see her grow musically week by week, year by year. Now My daughter Danielle is now very confident in sharing her thoughts and exploring ways to express herself musically, through instrument play & dance.Thank you to MMA – Kindermusik!” – Bei Bai – June 2016

“Every Thursday afternoon becomes Emily’s most favorite time, because she will have her Musical class. She likes this class very much. She is 5 and a half years old now. She enjoys the various kinds of activities in class. She becomes more interesting in music than before. Every time after class she always tells us how excited and happily she is in class”.

“Many Thanks to her teacher Kathleen and ‘My Musical Adventure’. You help Emily to open a door to the interesting Musical world which is really helpful for her growth. I highly recommend Kathleen and her class to more kids, It’s very good.” – Richard Liang – May 2016

“My 7 and 5 year old sons joined Kathleen’s Simply Music program 2 months ago and simply fell in love with it! The 7yo plays the piano several times a day (whenever he feels like it) on his own accord, and the boys sometimes fight over whose turn it is next…The best thing about the program is that it gives students that enjoyment and confidence very quickly, very early on. I mean, who wouldn’t be excited about being able to play a handful of beautiful songs within weeks of starting lessons? The fun in the progress and the sense of achievement are the best motivators for anyone. Thank you Kathleen for making all this possible!”

Rochelle Tian – March 2016

“Both Chloe & Amelie enjoy their music classes with you. Their musical adventure continues even after class with them singing and tapping and playing with their toys along to the music CD. I really appreciate all your preparation of take home activities to help them develop further. Thank you for letting Amelie join Chloe in class, I can see how these classes have help Amelie to grow and develop her appreciation of music. I am truly amazed when she started rocking to the music and is able to recognise and follow the actions for the different songs. Thank you Kathleen for instilling a love for all things musical in my girls!” – Sherlin Kua – February 2016

“I am very happy to write a review about Kathleen and My Musical Adventure. Both my children aged 3.5 years and 2 Years old attend. After the first term it was an easy decision to sign up for another term! My children thoroughly enjoy going, I have noticed great improvements and interest in music, play and dance, and you are provided with lots of materials like CD’s which are on repeat in my car! I also enjoy the fact that I can participate with my children. Highly recommend.” Laila Valterio – May 2016


“The Simply Music Piano Program is great! My daughter has been playing for a year now and it’s made a huge difference to her confidence. She has lots of songs under her belt. I love when we are out and she starts playing on a random piano, people say “wow she’s really good!”

Kathleen her teacher, is great with kids. We look forward to another year of learning in 2016″!

Sharole O’Hara – January 2016

“My two little ones (15 months and 2.5 years old) both love the dancing and musical instruments. After listening to the CDs and using the other material at home they are really starting to get into Kindermusik!”

Tracey Paine – June 2016

“My son is 3 years old now and has been seeing Kathleen since he was 10 months old. Almost every other day he asks me if “its Ms. Kathleen’s class today”.. his excitement knows no bounds when he is getting ready for the class every Sunday morning. In the last 2 years, from babies class to pre-schoolers’ class, we’ve seen him grow to appreciate notes, music and musical instruments around him. Sometimes when we are in the car he’ll tell us to play a particular song again or sing along a song we heard at the class. He has also been lucky to win 2 Sydney Opera House Baby Prom tickets from one of the competitions at My Musical Adventure.

We travel from Parramatta every week to be at her class. We don’t mind the distance as we all love this class and it’s our favourite part of the day!

On a personal note – Kathleen has a pleasing personality, and really patient with all the kids. She knows how to get the best behaviour out from any kid. We highly recommend her classes and I’m sure we won’t stop seeing her until she’s in the music business and he can absorb from her. Thank you Kathleen and My Musical Adventure!”

– Mala Kanwar – June 2016

“Fundamental music/rhythm awareness is crucial for kindy kids. This is great program!”  Yun Liu – July 2016

sand-paper-s“We highly recommend Kathleen’s music classes. We find the intimate and friendly atmosphere created by Kathleen as being extremely beneficial to our 3 year ki-fun-sold Ruby. It is a joy to watch her personal development week by week.”

Dave Nirens – February 2016

“I have never seen my 2.5 year old son so engaged with music before. He is still shy but warming up during classes but dances to the music at home. He asks me to put on the funny songs almost every day.”

Yvonne McIntosh – June 2016

“Love this, my son loves it and has really opened up and helped with his development. Kathleen is super friendly and very helpful.”

Nikita Bishop – May 2016

“My daughters have thoroughly enjoyed the My Musical Adventure program over the last 4 weeks. She loved every minute of it! Having the cds has meant that we can continue the fun at home and in the car. Ms. Kathleen is an amazing teacher, always engaging and fun! – thank you Kathleen!”

Yiyi Lu – June 2016

“Both Chloe & Amelie enjoy going for their music class. Their musical adventure continues even after class with them singing and tapping and playing with their toys along to the music CD provided. Amelie started sitting in her sister’s class from 6months and I am truly amazed when she starting rocking to the music and is able to recognise and follow the actions for the different songs. Thank you Kathleen for instilling a love for all things musical in my girls!”
–  Sherlin Kua  – March 2016
“My daughter is seven months. We have been attending Musical Adventure classes for two months and we look forward to each class. In these two months my daughter’s love for music has grown enormously. The short and useful music activities have aided my daughter’s speech and motor skills. We constantly have a smile on our faces.” – Stephanie Munguia – July 2016

testimonial-6“My daughter has lots fun @My Musical Adventure. Miss Kathleen is very nice, patient and creative. My daughter always learn something new every week!”

Carina Wang – May 2016

“Our 5 five year old daughter Anna has been enjoying My Musical Adventure for the last 2 years. The musical concepts are introduced gradually and presented in a context which is fun and interesting. Anna always looks forward to her classes and we have appreciated the thought and dedication Kathleen brings to the lessons. Highly recommended.” – James Dunlop – February 2016

 “Great program for my 5 years old kid – keeps him wondering about music!” – Yun Liu –  June 2016

“Our son Kenneth started attending Kathleen’s My Musical Adventure classes when he was 8 months old. We have found the classes to be fun, informative and interactive and it is such a pleasure to see our son grow developmentally and musically each week. Kathleen is a fantastic music teacher and we highly recommend her classes to everyone.” – Ka Yan Do – July 2016

“My 2.5 year old son has never been more interested in music thanks to Kathleen’s classes. I’m encouraged by the way he builds more and more confidence every week.”  Yvonne Paasch – July 2016