The My Musical Adventure Team

Kathleen Chiu ~ Director & Head Teacher

Associate in Pianoforte Performance (ATCL), Licensed Kindermusik Educator, Certified Simply Music Teacher


Kathleen is a pianist, having completed the 8th grade pianoforte exams from both the Royal Schools of Music, London and Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB), and obtained the Associate Diploma in Pianoforte Performance (ATCL) from Trinity College London in 1995.  She has been teaching piano to students of all ages since then, from beginner to advanced students.

Strongly believing in the benefits of music, Kathleen came across the Kindermusik program when looking for a quality music program for her new born daughter and decided to become a Kindermusik educator herself.  She completed the teacher training and became a licensed Kindermusik educator in 2007.  She has taught the Kindermusik program to kids from birth to 7 years old in her own studio (formerly named Kindermusik with Fun), other Kindermusik  studios as well as childcare centres.

When Kathleen discovered the Simply Music program she knew straight away that she had the chance to share her love of music in a powerful way that really creates successful, self-expressed musicians.  Kathleen is now a Certified Simply Music Teacher and teach piano with the Simply Music method to school kids, teenagers, adults and seniors; and teach the pre-keyboard program “Play-a-Story” to the 4-6 year-olds.


Chantelle Perreau ~ Kindermusik Teacher

BMusStud (Vocal Performance), MTeach (MusicEd), GradCert (Vocal Pedagogy), ATCL

ChantelleA three time graduate from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Chantelle has over ten years’ experience teaching music in a variety of settings from early childhood music to high school classroom music to community choirs and private lessons around Sydney.  A former professional singer by trade, Chantelle is also a classically trained pianist and has performed both nationally and internationally from 1994 -2011.

From 2003 to 2010, Chantelle ran her own music studio in the eastern suburbs of Sydney teaching everything from singing and piano lessons to song writing, music technology and music theory to students of all ages.  After leaving her studio behind to pursue a career as a Business Analyst in the EduTech industry, Chantelle is now keen to get back to her true passion of early childhood music and development.

Chantelle joins My Musical Adventure with a strong determination to pass on her passion for music to as many children and adults as possible.  She understands the impact music can have on young minds and has immersed herself in the award winning pedagogical practices of Kindermusik. Certified in September 2017, her main goal is to bring a level of magic and fun into every class she teaches to ensure every child’s ‘musical adventure’ is one to remember!


Sharole O’Hara ~ Marketing Assistant

bio_shot_-1Sharole is the person behind the phone! She got involved in My Musical Adventure when she first signed her daughter up for piano lessons several years ago.  It was such a good program, they stuck around!  Eventually Sharole with a love for music, started working with Kathleen in her business.

Sharole was looking at both the traditional method and a creative method whilst searching for a piano teacher.  She could see how dull and uninterested her daughter was with learning the traditional way, with scales. She opted for a more fun way and that was the Simply Music Program.  She loves it!

Sharole is Kathleen’s – right hand wo-man!  She helps with the day to day running of My Musical Adventure. Some of the stuff you’re reading on a regular basis, that’s from her. If you have any new ideas, or feedback, she’d love to hear from you.

Sharole learned guitar when she was 10 for one year from a teacher and she enjoys playing and singing with her children. For some reason she tends to country music with the guitar.  Sharole taught her year 9 music class at High School to play the guitar!

Sharole works from home, in between raising 4 rambunctious kids.  For a bit of sanity she loves to spend time in her garden.  She also enjoys playing away on the piano (self-taught), she states “I am by no means amazing but I get joy out of learning new songs” and loves to hear her daughter playing away.  She loves the blues pieces she plays, and doing duets together.

It started out that Sharole was better at piano than her daughter!  Now Sharole feels she is better than her! And she’s ok with that. Sharole says “Music is a great way to bring people together and make bonds with those that matter most- your family!”  Sharole feels happy seeing her daughter with a love of the Gift of Music.


Rebecca Enriquez ~ Admin Assistant

RebeccaRebecca works as My Musical Adventure’s Administrative Assistant to provide Kathleen and the rest of the team
administrative support.  She helps to ensure company’s daily operations run smoothly as she maintains and updates students database, handles emails and correspondence … just to name a few.

Beneath diligent work, Rebecca is a fun-loving person who exudes sincerity and friendliness towards every person she meets.


Rebecca always had a passion for music. Music is her kind of zone out into her own world. It frees her from distractions, helps her to focus more and be motivated at work.  She’s a fan to no less than the talented and tender-hearted troubadour, Ed Sheeran (and her kids’ fave too!).
When she was a child, her mother made her take informal piano lessons with her Aunt as her teacher. It was when she started to develop an interests in music. Rebecca believes that helping children tap into their passions and talents is one of the greatest gifts we can give to them as parents.
Born and raised in the Philippines, Rebecca lives there with her husband Rian, and 4 children.  In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor activities of all kinds with her family.